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How Did This Instagram Celebrity Cat Learn To Pose In Such A Way?


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Keys the cat is one weirdo! She is unlike other cats that do normal catlike things but she likes throwing her hands up like she’s celebrating a goal. And that’s why her name on Instagram is Goalkitty


Bored Panda

It all started one morning when owner Peter Mares saw Keys throw her paws up in the air. He took a photo thinking that that is a sight that you don’t normally have the opportunity to see. Surprisingly, the next morning Keys did the same thing. Since, then, Keys hasn’t been able to stop. Luckily for Peter, he is almost always there to capture his cat’s unusual behavior.

But the mystery is how she picked up the habit : What drives Keys to throw her hands up like that? Does it have anything to do with the invisible ghosts of mice floating in the air? Is that her way of worshipping Bastet? We, don’t really know. One thing’s for sure, though: Keys, nicknamedGoalkitty by Peter, is now an Instagram celebrity.

Sometimes her pose makes her look like a nagging wife:

“Oh for goats sake, Martin can you fix the toilet already?!”

Sometimes I’m not so cooperative.. #goalkitty #keysandhermaster #keys #majorkeys

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