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These Dolls With Realistic Makeovers Are What Children Need Right Now


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Children have the most impressionable minds. And when they are presented with human like play dolls with impossible body proportions they are often left with a deep impression of having unreasonable expectations from their body.

We should teach our little ones that real and normal is beautiful and Mim Hammonds has taken a step forward in that direction by giving her dolls realistic makeovers.

I think they look amazing!


Milly is a clever and vivacious young girl. She is a very quick thinker and loves to play with words – always making her friends and family laugh with her witty comments and puns. Funny, perceptive one-liners roll off her tongue spontaneously. Milly giggles and shrugs when asked how she thinks of responses so fast – it’s too difficult trying to explain that her mind just works like a visual dictionary and thesaurus. She just loves words, and words love her!


“Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” Quite well thank you, replies Mary patiently, each and every time she is asked. Mary loves flowers but is not at all contrary. She has a little timber flower press and enjoys collecting petals and blossoms to press and dry. Her grandmother taught her how to do this using an old, heavy book with tissue paper to protect the pages.


Josephine loves all things rainbow and bright! The more colours, the better. She is a budding artist and uses colour to express emotions and experiences. Her artworks are a little too contemporary for some but she just loves to paint – it calms her swirling thoughts and unpredictable emotions. Jo really wants to study pediatric art therapy and work with sick children in hospitals, helping them understand and express their feelings, fears and complex thoughts in a safe environment.


Katie loves to climb trees; to breathe deep the scent of bark and sap, to think her own thoughts, to dream her own dreams, legs swinging gently in the breeze