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146 Years-Old-Man Claiming To Be The World’s Oldest Man Dies In Indonesia


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Saparman Sodimejo , a man who claimed to be 146 years old and outlived all four of his wives has died in Indonesia.

He was also known as Mbah Ghoto, had an Indonesian ID card that claimed his date of birth was December 31, 1870.

But whether or not he will ever be listed as the world’s oldest man is open to question, since the paperwork has so far not been independently verified.

A heavy smoker, when asked last year about the key to his longevity, he said that patience was key and that he had enjoyed a long life because he had people who loved him that looked after him.

If his birth date is correct, it would mean that he was born in the same year as the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin and a year after the Suez Canal opened.

He will have lived through two world wars, resulting in the Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies, with seven British monarchs reigning in his lifetime.