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Boom Supersonic Jet To Cut Flight Time By Half!


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The fastest means of travel is by flight and now it’s getting an upgrade which allows you to fly two times faster. Commercial supersonic travel ended in 2003, but it could soon make a comeback when Boom ultimately manufactures its own 55-seater supersonic airliner.

Boom introduced its supersonic passenger airliner as well as the XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator, at a press conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha yesterday.

The commercial aircraft will connect the GCC to the rest of the world with flights up to 2.6X faster than conventional airliners.

For example, a flight from Doha to Sydney which takes 14 hours today will take just 8 hours and 25 minutes flying supersonic. Similarly, Doha to New York will be 7 hours and 25 minutes instead of a the wearisome 13 hours and 55 minutes today.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Boom Supersonic is using state-of-the-art aerospace technologies to deliver a revolutionary speedup in travel. Compared to Concorde, designed in the 1960s, Boom will be 80% less expensive to operate—leading to affordable tickets for passengers and profit opportunities for airlines.