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Couple’s Pre-Wedding Photo’s Go Viral For All The Wrong Reasons


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When a couple decide to have a pre wedding shoot. The usual themes are romance, intimacy, tenderness, and love but for these couple the theme was obviously getting right to the point.

One Facebook page picked up the pictures and captioned it as ‘pictures taken by a wedding photographer’ created a buzz in social media due to its ‘unconventional’ concept. Without any other info, Facebook users were quick to draw conclusions

This couple seemed to be really enjoying their chosen poses.

Although more discreet, this couple’s pictures are equally titillating.

Netizens pointed out how the sacred meaning of marriage is being ruined by the couples.

Others expressed concern on how the couples’ future children would view the pictures.

The original tweet containing some of the photos has since been deleted, but not before other users saved them and re-uploaded them online.

It is still not enough reason for the bashing to stop, though. Although many came to their defense about being young and just having fun, others think they have crossed the line.

We could learn a thing or two from this incident. First, when uploading public pictures on social media, always keep in mind that the whole world might end up watching and judging you. If you have even a single doubt about it, keep your photos private or better yet, do not post them!