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Meet Google’s Guardian, Parisa Tabriz ‘The Security Princess’ Who Protects the Tech Giant



This hacker is a major part of Google and she’s the warrior that keeps google and its users safe. Google’s weapon against black hat hackers is Parisa Tabriz. Every day, the company’s ‘Security Princess’ and ‘Browser Boss,’ along with her team of about 30 security experts in the US and Europe, tries to hack their own company and works her magic to ward off malicious hackers.

It’s shocking to know that she was only introduced to programing and hacking when she joined college and now just a few years later, she’s every hackers nightmare!

Meet Parisa Tabriz, the ‘Security Princess’ and ‘Browser Boss’ of Google.

Tabriz, one of the 250 security engineers in Google, is well known in and out of the hacking world. In 2012, she was named in the “Top 30 People Under 30 To Watch in the Technology Industry” list by Forbes. Since her entry to Google in 2007, she has become a highly valued asset of the company.