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LOOK: Gorgeous Lady with Racy Selfies, Goes Viral as the “World’s Sexiest Nurse”


A nurse has been dubbed the “sexiest in the world” after taking the internet by storm with her saucy selfies.

Carina Linn, 23, from Taiwan, has stacked up some 186,000 followers on Instagram after only 66 posts.

Carina is a nurse by day, caring her patients at a hospital in Taipei where she works. But when she’s not putting on her scrubs and surgical masks, Carina wears sexy dresses and takes glamorous and revealing photos of herself.

Carina Linn is a nurse in Taipei, Taiwan

During the day, she works as a caregiver to her patients.

When not in her uniform, she likes to put on sexy outfits.

Linn already has over 400k followers on Instagram.