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To Make Son Feel Better, Dad Gets A Tattoo Exactly Like His Son’s Scar After Heart Surgery.


Richard Davies, father of Bobby, a small kid who had to undergo an open heart surgery after he was born with a half heart. To make his son feel better and show him that he is not alone, Davies spent 200 euros and two hours to get the tattoo that was exactly like his son’s scar.

Natasha, Davies’ wife said: “Our world came crashing down around us.

“Neither of us had any knowledge of congenital heart defects and didn’t know what this would mean for our baby.

“We were given three options; surgery when he was born, supportive comfort care meaning we would let him be born with no intervention and allow him to live for as long as he could or a termination.

“As you can imagine at 22 weeks gestation, I was inconsolable.

“But my husband and I both knew straight away that we would fight for our baby.

“No matter what. So we did. I had frequent scans and was monitored closely through the rest of my pregnancy.”

Fortunately, the baby was healthy which allowed doctors to have some time and didn’t go for the surgery right away.

“The one person we couldn’t have got through this without is my amazing husband Richard,” Natasha said. “His unwavering support has been like no other and Bobby and I are lucky to have him.

“His tattoo of Bobby’s scar will remind him forever that he isn’t alone, and we will be there for him all the way.

“We want to spread awareness of this as congenital heart diseases are more common than you might expect.”

She continued: “We want to help as many families as possible face the ongoing heartache and uncertain futures that having a child with only half a heart can face.”

Bobby will be having a few more surgeries at the age of three and five to support his heart growth. Let us wish him the very best.