Bored Lad

Toddler Locks Himself In Mom’s Car And Laughs As Five Firefighters Try To Free Him


firefighters were battling to free toddler who locked himself in his mother’s car while he just had a good laugh about it.

Little 14-month-old Brandon Emery was seen bearing a huge, adorable grin as he clutched the steering wheel of his mother’s Rover Streetwise after accidentally locking himself inside.

His mother, Kirsty Green, 27, described the rescue crews from Bude Community Fire Station, Cornwall, as ‘amazing’ and ‘a credit to the community’.

Green, from Bude, said she had been shopping with her young son in Lidl on Friday afternoon, and had just unloaded the groceries into the boot of the car when Brandon managed to trap himself.

‘He’d been in the little child seat of the shopping trolley but it didn’t have any straps, so he kept trying to stand up while I was shopping,’ she said.

‘I decided to put him in the back of the car while I was unloading the shopping so he didn’t keep trying to stand up in the trolley.’