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Boyfriend Refuses To Pay The Bill After Inviting His Girlfriend And Her Mother For Dinner.


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It is very important in a relationship to get the approval of your prospective in-laws as they can make or break your life, and obviously people don’t leave any opportunity to impress their partner’s family.

Unfortunately, this man’s plan completely got off track when he invited his girlfriend and her mother for dinner in a Japanese restaurant as a birthday treat. Things were sailing smooth until his people started to flood in.

First, his girlfriend’s brother came, followed by family members. Soon, the girl’s mother’s friends started to join and when the bill came it stood at a staggering 45,600 New Taiwan Dollars (US$1,500). Annoyed by the proceedings the boy refused to pay the bill and they started to argue, realising there was some tension, the girl’s brother paid the bill.

However, it was not over yet. They started to fight after going home and the boyfriend said, “Obviously your family wants to take advantage of me!

Hurt by his comment, the girl shared the story online and said that she gave 35,000 New Taiwan Dollars on his behalf, which made the boy so furious that he slapped her.

One of them who read the story said: “That bill is seriously too expensive. Since both of you have been together for three years, you should know fairly well about his finances and whether he is able to afford such an expensive meal.”

“He already said he wanted to treat your mother but suddenly you brought so many people.”

Some of them even said, “Both of them are in the wrong, as they did not communicate well.”

“A man should never hit a girl, but the girl should also think on her boyfriend’s behalf and not bring so many people along.”