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In Qatar Indian Schools To Restrict Enrolling Students From Other Nationalities


According to the school sources, as there are severe shortage of seats in Indian schools, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has allowed them to give preference to Indian students in admissions and stop enrolling students from other nationalities from the next academic year.

The Private Schools Office at the Ministry has given a verbal instruction to the Indian schools in this regard, it is learnt.  The instruction, however, will not affect the existing non-Indian students in the nearly a dozen Indian schools in the country.

All Indian schools have been facing a severe space crunch and a number of Indian students seeking admission have been left out or being kept in the waiting list. Students from various nationalities, including Arabs have currently been enrolled in these schools.

“We have been asked not to take new students from other nationalities. The existing students can continue,” a senior official of an Indian school told this daily, seeking anonymity.

He, however, added that there is no blanket ban on enrolling non-Indian students. “It is up to the schools to decide,” said the official.

Official of another Indian school also confirmed the report saying the school had sought a clarification from the Private Schools Office on the issue and has received confirmation.

“We have been told not to take new students from other nationalities from the next academic year. Admission for this year has almost closed,” said the official who didn’t want to be named.

He, however, added that the Private Schools Office has not issued any official circular in this regard.

“We have been given a verbal instruction and we got the matter clarified from the Private Schools Office,” he added.

He said that existing non-Indian students have been exempted from the decision.

“This is a logical decision, considering the space crunch in Indian schools. A large number of Indian families have been struggling to a find a seat for their children and this has become a major issue in the community,” said the official.

When contacted by The Peninsula recently, a senior official of the Ministry said that the Indian schools have been asked to give preference to Indian students, and those who have siblings studying in the same school.

“We have not given any instruction in writing. We have told these schools that they can give preference to Indian students as well as those with siblings in the same school,” said Hamad Al Ghali, director of Private Schools Licensing at the Ministry.