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Netizens Come To The Rescue Of This Dying Single Mom.


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A single mom in Singapore who is counting her final days wanted to leave something behind for her 5-year-old son and sold everything. Unfortunately, for Chek Ming, who is suffering from stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, the money she got from selling all her valuables wasn’t enough.

However, the desperate mother decided to take the help of netizens through Give.Asia, a crowdfunding platform.

“My name is Chek Ming. I am 46 years old. I want to tell you my story and ask for your help. My life has been a struggle for the past few years but I am consoled as I have a 5-year old son. He is my greatest pride and joy, and also the reason I’m asking for help,” she said in her appeal.

“I am a Stage 4 cancer patient who desperately needs to raise over $139,000 (RM437,793) annually to get access to immunotherapy. I am also fast running out of time,” she added.

She is fighting a rare aggressive form of ovarian Cancer since 2015. Since her child is too young to live alone she wants to make sure he is secured when she’s gone. She was told that she just had couple of years.

“He saw me losing my hair, vomiting, lying in bed unwell for hours and could not play with him – he could not comprehend nor understand the reasons,” she recalled; expressing her woes over her only child that has seen her harsh circumstances.

Luckily, her movement garnered her SGD 771,962.50 with the help of 7414 people. Hopefully, she gets enough time to safeguard her child.