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Qatar Ministry Urges Residents To Update Their Data To Use Free E-Gates


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To use the e-gate facility at the airport, residents who have renewed their passport recently, must update their data through data devices at Hamad International Airport or at the General Directorate of Passports, said The Ministry of Interior (MoI) .

On the official Arabic Twitter account the ministry tweeted that from now on all residents with valid Resident ID can use the electronic gates (e-gate) at Hamad International Airport for departure and arrival. There are no charges for this service.

This helps in reducing crowd at the immigration counters and residents can save a lot of time. Many travelers were seen praising the free e-gate facility on social media for its swiftness and ease-of-use.

Family with kids under the age of 18 can’t use the e-gate.

The e-gate service is accessible to expatriates above 18 years of age, using their Qatari ID cards. They are required to scan the ID card on the card reader machine installed at e-gate followed by finger print or eye scan (retina scan). If data on the ID and biometrics/ retina matches, the system will open the gate.

Every resident is urged to get their fingerprint scanned at the small office situated near the departure gates. The process is very fast and gets over in less than 1-2 minutes. After this registration one can use the fingerprint scanner to pass through the e-gates and this is much more efficient and easier than retina scan.