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This 15-year-old girl committed suicide by jumping from a building. When her parents checked her phone, they found out why


Youngsters these day follow trends without a second thought. They like to belong to something and they will even if it is dangerous, they don’t seem to care. This is the age that they are most gullible and rebellious all at the same time making it really hard for parents to manage them.

But parents don’t really worry when they see their children with the noses in the phone, if only they knew the kind of things that are making the rounds which is even prompting teenagers to kill themselves!

One such incident happened in Russia wherein the Russian authorities started investigating the sick practice after it appeared to be linked to the deaths of 130 young people. The “Blue Whale” challenge is supposedly named after that majestic animal because blue whales sense when they’re dying and swim up to the coastline to beach themselves, as if choosing death freely.

Likewise, the goal of the challenge is death, chosen “freely.”

Adolescents on social networks get invited to participate in the game with a warning from an “administrator.” If they agree to play, they can’t leave the game until they’ve finished it. If participants want to stop “prematurely,” the administrator allegedly threatens to expose all their data and go after their families too.

Once the players accept the terms, the administrator gives them one challenge per day for 50 days. Some are innocent enough, such as not speaking for an entire day or getting up at midnight to watch a horror movie.

Others, however, are harmful and dangerous, like cutting the image of a whale into one’s own skin. And then comes the last challenge, the conclusion of this creepy, manipulative operation: in order to “win” the game, the participant has to commit suicide.

Which is where the case of Russian 15-year-old Yulia Konstantinova shocked her whole country: she ended her life by throwing herself off the roof of a 14-story building. She left messages on her social media profiles that included a picture of a blue whale next to the words “The End.”

There have also reportedly been cases of this game taking a toll in United Kingdom, Brazil, Columbia, and Chile. Yet again, it’s essential that parents stay informed and have the tools to protect their children in an online world that changes faster than ever.

Now recently in April, a 15-year-old girl in Barcelona, Spain, admitted to a psychiatric hospital after her parents discovered that she was involved with the game. Apparently, she’d been instructed to commit suicide on the train tracks, but fortunately her family intervened before she could.

Parents need to really keep an eye on their children and their activities on their smart phones. Encourage and practice healthy communications with your children and monitor their behavior. Don’t let the hole up alone for long periods of times and make sure your children know how important it is for them to judge right from wrong.