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The Story Of This French Prostitute With 3 Legs, 4 Breasts & 2 Vaginas Is Strange Yet Fascinating


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The tale of Blanche Dumas is one such story that is too bizarre to every forget once known.

Back in the day if one was born with a deformity they were doomed to a life as a freak in the circus and it look like the same destiny awaited Blanche.

In 1860 Blanche Dumas was born to a French father and an African origin mother.

Bechlinger of Para, Brazil visited Dumas and documented about her life in a book named Human Oddities: A Book of Nature’s Anomalies.

It is believed that she had two imperfectly developed leg and also a third leg attached to her coccygeus, a board pelvis, two breasts and other two smaller rudimentary breasts close together just above her pubic area.

She also had two vaginas and two vulvas. It is also said that she had developed sensitivity in both her vaginas. Some also state that she had entertained men with both of them.

The book also reports that Blanche had an extreme libido that led her to became a courtesan in Paris.

Some even believe that she wrote letters to Francesco Lentini, a man who had three-legs with dual genitalia and expressed her desire to have a sexual relationship with him. Rumors were adrift that the two did have an affair but regardless of this her life was pretty shocking enough as it was.