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Husband Punishes Cheating Wife By Rubbing Her Privates With Red Hot Chilies!


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Infidelity is something that hurts all parties involved. But in this story it looks like the wife was hurt a lot more than the husband!

Cheating is something that damaging to a person both physically and mentally. So when someone is hurt, they tend to do something in a rush. This means these decisions are mostly bad and in this case it was to severe.

Recently a few images have been going around of a man shoving red hot chilly peppers between a woman’s thighs. The speculations are that the woman is the man’s wife although no man is seen in the video but only a hand covered in gloves.

Another theory is that a wife who was so angered about finding out her husband was cheating did this to the mistress.

Either way, infidelity was the main reason for such severe actions.

I hate how people take such drastic measures when there are other ways of dealing with a cheating partner.

What do you all think? Did the lady deserve this?