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Man Catches Girlfriend Cheating In Bed With Another Man. So He Took Selfies With Them!


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Duston Holloway was in a relationship, a regular one. But everything changed when he came home one night to see his girl with asleep in bed with another man.

Any regular person would have flipped out but nope, not him, he calmly took selfies on himself with them in bed.

He then uploaded them on Facebook which means the internet took over.

He captioned his post, “When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved”

He also added “Good men deserve good women” which is so true!

He tried waking his girlfriend up but she was too drunk to open he eyes.

He is now a social star and hero for handling the ugly situation in a hilarious and calm manner.

If only everyone we like him,

According to Duston, he tried waking his girlfriend up but she was “drunk as skunk passed out.”

What did you think about his reaction?