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Man Was Trapped In An Elevator For 41 Hours And This Is What He Did Inside!


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24 hours make a day so imagine yourself stuck in a small elevator for even 30 minutes, it’s really scary! But this man was stuck in an elevator for 41 hours which is close to two days without food, water or a toilet to help relieve himself. But he survived and here is his story.

The worst part was no one seemed to be bothered that the man was missing for 41 hours or that the elevator wasn’t working!

To make things worse, he was trapped alone, with no cellphone or even a watch to check the time with. He didn’t realize he had spent more than 41 hours inside the elevator before he was finally rescued. Throughout the horrifying ordeal, Nicolas White was living in fear of dying. He had no water or food, and he didn’t have any access to a bathroom where he can relieve himself. Everything seemed hopeless for him.

Watch his entire story here and find out how he survived: