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New Rayyan Street To Have The Q-Tel Signal.


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The existing Q-Tel signal will be shifted on New Rayyan Street, about 100 metres to the west of its current location on Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street (New Rayyan Street). The shifting enables the construction of an underpass on the Dukhan Highway East project.

The intended change is designed in consultation with the General Directorate of Traffic. The traffic change will be in operation until March 2018. The change allows free movement along Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street between Al Shafi Street and the newly positioned traffic signal and the existing free right turns will be available for public as usual.

As shown on the map, road users from Dukhan towards Gate 15 of Education City who usually turn left at Q-Tel Junction will be required to continue straight on Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street before taking a U-turn at Al Shafi interchange and returning to the free right turn into Education City.

In order to access Al Wajba Street from Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street (westbound), commuters moving west on Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street who need to reach Al Wajba Street should take a previous left turn at Al Shafi Street and move straight before taking a right turn onto Al Hamd Street.

Westbound travellers from Dukhan Highway to Al Luqta Street will also experience a slight deviation from the existing road alignment for a brief period before returning to their normal route. However, there will be no decrease in the number of lanes on the Dukhan Highway, Al Luqta Street or Al Rayyan Al Jadeed Street.