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Old Man in Shabby Clothes Ignored at Store, Shocks Everyone When He Buys Harley With Cash


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An elderly man, dressed in shabby clothes entered a Harley Davidson showroom and everyone felt uncomfortable.

He looked like a hobo and walked around the store.

He looked at motorbikes they were at a staggering 600,00 bahts ($17,361) which they found odd.

While everyone ignored him he called upon the sales manager who obliged to speak to the poor man. But they ended up talking or close to 10 minutes.

He checked out one specific Harley in and out.

After patiently waiting for the manager to explain his every query he pulled out 600,000 baht is cold hard cash. People were stunned!

He had a sit and felt the bike.

Some people intrigued by the old man’s appearance took photos of him a shred them online. The story soon became viral and was covered extensively.

The next time the man turned up at the outlet he made sure people would not take him for granted.

After some investigation is was revealed that “Lung Decha” was a simple man who worked at a mechanic shop himself. He was now retired and wanted to fulfil his lifelong dream of owning a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He had saved up for this moment and therefore could afford the expensive bike.

Good on him!