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Rich Chinese Woman Dumps Her Boyfriend After His Family Served Cheap Meal To Her


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Money can sometimes make or break a relationship and it can be hard. But in this case break up might be actually good for one party and a great loss for the other. The loss for the rich Chinese girl for sure.

Recently a woman’s post about dumping poor boyfriend over the meal served to her has created quite a storm. A 27 year-old Chinese woman with the pseudonym “Xian shuo You Shoa Bu Cu Kou” broke up with her boyfriend on Chinese new years.

She visited the boy’s hometown in Jiangxi province to attend a reunion dinner but was too shocked to see what was served to her. She almost walked out!

This is what she posted

Which reads

The people were mostly appalled by her attitude and lack of humility. They are saying they the boy is probably well off and are wishing her next boyfriend the best of luck with her pompous air.