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These Tourists Went For A Swim, When They Came Back Everything They Owned Was Gone!


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The island of Boracay, in the Philippines is one of the most beautiful beaches around the world. Ranked as the 7th most beautiful by 2017 Travelers’ Choice Award among Asia’s top islands by TripAdvisor.

The water is pristine and the atmosphere is tropical. This is a dream destination for many tourists, and for these unfortunate ones as well.

Their dream vacation became a nightmare due to a horrible experience!

According to a Facebook post, a few tourists fell victim to theft when they left their belonging on the beach before going for a swim.

They had kept a lot of their important belonging out and now could not cope with having lost it.

The person who took these images wrote in a post about how she saw these foreign tourists crying while others just ignored them.

She later approached them and they told her that their cash, cards and iPhones were missing after they came back from a swim.

They didn’t have a single penny on them and were obliged by helping locals for a ride to the police.

But when they met the police it turns out they weren’t the only ones!

Hopefully the police helped these tourists in trouble and they all got home safe

Lesson to learn. Don’t leave your belongings without someone trustworthy watching over your things.