Bored Lad

At first she wanted to look like Pamela Anderson. But what this woman has become today is quite different!


Martina Big used to be a flight attendant, but in 2012 she decided to become an erotic model. The 28 year-old is encouraged by her boyfriend and began a series of cosmetic surgeries starting with breast implants and lip injections. All to look like Pamela Anderson. When she got to looking like Pa something happened to her….

Martina wasn’t just happy with the results of the beauty procedures, she became obsessed with them! She was addicted to the idea of being able to endlessly change her body any way she wanted. Which was fortunate for her, because her beauty ideal would not have been attainable any other way.

“At first I wanted to look like Pamela Anderson or Katie Price”, said Martina. “But now I realize it’s not for me. These women are not curvy enough.”

Bit by bit Martina underwent breast enlargements until she had officially became the woman with the largest breasts in Europe.

Till date she has spend around €60,000 (approx. $65,000) on cosmetic surgery.

She says that she eill never stop until she becomes an “Exotic Barbie.”

By exotic she means extremely-tan skin with her natural blond hair.

Martina was determined to make her skin “crispy brown” and to become “darker and darker to see what the limits are.”

“I love the contrast between my light blond hair and my dark, crispy brown skin. I love seeing the reactions of people. I can see their big eyes when I walk past and their shocked faces, thinking ‘how is this possible?'”

“Yes, I have the skin of an African girl, but I am not pretending to be a black girl. I’m going to create a unique and exotic Barbie with dark tan, blonde hair and exaggerated curves,” explained Martina.

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