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[PHOTOS] Ms. World Australia contestant wows netizens with her stunning photos, more so with her courageous confession


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Beauty is equated to having fair skin and a skinny body in today’s world. Social standards and stereotypes have made it hard for anyone other than the norm to be considered beautiful. But this Australian model is defying all odds by showing us what real beauty is.

Adau Mornyang, 22, from Victoria is breaking stereotypes by making people fan over her beauty.

Adau, who was originally from South Sudan, is also one of the most sought after models in Australia.

Sadly, Adau’s life was already quite difficult due to the fact that she looked different but it got even worse when she was raped and sexually assaulted at an early age of 17. She revealed this fact on a hour long stream on Facebook. She explained she was 17 when she was assaulted in Adelaide by two men she knew in January 2012.

But her determination to keep on has added more glow to her beauty as this strong woman is very sought after by modelling agencies.