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Dare To Search These 5 Things On Google


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For the regular bunch of people Google is the place to look for some trivia, to search some music, to dig all the details of their favorite celebrity’s life or to watch some adult content.

But there are a few things that Google does provide results for that are better not search for on the website. There is also a thing called the dark web that lurks along with Google which is worse than getting lost in a wild jungle.

But do tell us, would you dare Google these gross things?

  1. “ Elephantiasis”

It is a parasitic infection where part of a body especially areas around legs and male genitals swells to an extreme level.

  1. “Harlequin Ichthyosis”

This is a severe genetic disease that happens to the newborn baby. The baby’s skin is encased in thick white plates of skin, separated by deep cracks. As the baby is very young it gets complicated. It is very vulnerable to bacteria which can result in fatal infection.

  1. Blue waffle

It may sound like a delicious blue dish of blue colour. But it’s rather a sexually transmitted disease that occurs to women only. It causes severe infection and blue colour around the vagina.

  1. Your symptoms

If you ever get ill, never ever Google your symptoms. You will panic after reading the results. Better visit a doctor.

  1. Goatse

Don’t expect to see a hybrid of goat and a horse when you Google it. Because you will be startled after reading the result. It’s a man spreading his erg. We leave it to you to assume.