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8 Charming People With A Unique Skin Color


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The people in this list are very unique. This uniqueness is due the color of their skin and has mostly to do with how much melanin they have or don’t have. But their uniqueness, although subject to a lot of bullying, doesn’t mean they are any less beautiful.

The skin that makes them different has also made them famous thanks to their ability to appreciate their own differences. Check out their images to see their beauty with your own eyes!

Winnie Harlow

Winnie’s unusual appearance was subject to a lot of bullying when she was younger which drove her to severe depression. She had a condition called vitiligo that created uneven patches on her skin. But she still persisted and had quite a few fan base on Instagram where she was discovered by Tyra Banks. Tyra then invited her to participate in the 21st season of America’s Next Top Model, in which the young lady took 5th place.

Now Winnie Harlow is now more successful than the winner of the show being the face of Desigual casual wear brand in Barcelona, along with the Brazilian super model Adriana Lima.



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Anastasia Zhidkova

Nastya Zhidkova, is known as the most beautiful albino girl in the world. Born in Russia in 1996, this young and extraordinary model has changed the face of fashion and the beauty industry in Russia. She is also a talented singer, who shares her work on YouTube.


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