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9 Secret Things About Women’s Private Part That Men Don’t Know


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The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, so no matter how much you know about things there is always something that is beyond your reach. Now, let us know a few things about women’s private parts that most of the men would probably don’t know.

The lady part doesn’t stretch.

Though it expands, it comes back to the original shape as well.

It takes more time for arousal

Women tend to take more time than men to get aroused and you have to make the right moves and have patience to make her high.

Dry isn’t good for her

She must be aroused before taking it in, and the moves you make before is important.

They differ from one woman to another

The color, shape, smell and everything else differs in women’s lady part.

Getting off is a task

There is a reason why women when it is over soon, they want all there body parts to be included in the physical act of love.