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Inspiring Construction Worker Caught Reading at Lunch Break Goes Viral


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This image is something that will inspire many. Labor day was just a few days ago and for many this is a leave for some this image will give more meaning. A construction worker has recently gone viral after he was photographed while reading a book during his lunch break.

Sarah Grace Regala, a netizen, in a post on Facebook,  shared the heartwarming photo with the following caption:

While I treat this day as an ordinary Lay-Bored Day, this man is different. This construction worker, reading an interior design book during lunch time, proves that no one can stop you if you really want to learn and perfect your craft.

He may not have a college diploma, an impressive CV or a big amount in his bank account , but this man has a heart and hunger to learn. What’s our excuse then? #neverstoplearning #perfectyourcraft #laborday

This image was taken on Labour Day and truly speaks volumes about what labour really means.

The heartwarming photo has taken social media by storm, gaining over 35k reactions and close to 10k shares just a few days after Regala posted it.

People wondered whether Regala offered any help to the man; however, but ever since then nothing more about this has been posted by Regala.

We only hope that his future is bright and that he inspire others to educate themselves.