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Chinese Farmer Makes Pigs Dive From 10-Foot Platform to Keep Them Fit and Taste Better


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Everyone love bacon! It’s probably the tastiest meat around. But now it could get tastier? One farmer in China has claimed that making them dive from 10 ft high platforms are making his pigs tastier!

Huang Deming, a Chinese pig farmer, is giving daily diving lessons to his animals so that hey can stay fit and taste better, reported, an affiliation to People’s Daily.

The meat from these athletic animals can sell three times the market price, said Huang.

Huang runs a pig farm in Hunan Province in China – the world’s largest producer and consumer of pork.

Every day, the man brings his pigs from his farm to a nearby pond for water-based fitness training and has been doing it for 4 years now.

The pigs have been trained to dive from a platform as high as three metres (10 feet) before swimming laps in the pond.

According to Huang, the exercise helps boost the pigs’ immune system.

Also, it apparently increases their appetite, which means they grow faster.

More importantly, the man said their meat would have better taste and texture.

China has become the world’s leading pork importer.

According to a recently study by United States Department of Agriculture, the country is forecast to account for over a quarter of the global trade in 2017.

So you might even be able to buy Huang’s pork at your local supermarket and see for yourself if it really does taste better.