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Groom Cancels Wedding After Seeing His Bride Looks Like An Old Lady


It is every couple’s dream to grow old together “for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, ‘til death do us part” as the vow goes. Apparently, for this Chinese couple, this isn’t the case. A Chinese woman wanted to test how much her soon-to-be-husband truly loves her and instantly got her answer on the day of their pre-wedding photo shoot.

He dumped her.

The bride-to- be purposely applied makeup so she would look like an elderly woman for their pre-wedding photo-shoot

The woman reportedly asked her boyfriend if he would love her at 70-years-old. If he did, then she would not mind taking pictures of her as an older woman

But the groom didn’t think this was the right time to test his loyalty.

Witnesses say the groom demanded his girlfriend remove the makeup. When she declined, he shouted abuse, throwing his glasses onto the ground

Afterwards, the woman said her boyfriend is ‘such a philanderer’ but she stays with him because ‘he treats her very well’

When reporters asked the woman why she wanted to wed the man if he was an adulterer, to which she replied ‘because he really treats me very well.’

The reporters then spoke with two male bystanders. The first, an older man in a blue golf shirt, said he would have told the woman he would look after her unconditionally.

A younger man told the reporters that no man would want to marry an unattractive woman.

Nothing is known about the coupe after this incident but there has been some speculation the event may have been an intricate publicity stunt