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Hermit Woman Inherits $940,000 But Donates Her Fortune to People Who Have Helped Her


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Marija Zlatic, an eighty six-years-old lady depended on her neighbours for years and fortunately the caring neighbours did provide her everything she needed without any expectations. Marija and Momcilo, her husband moved to Australia from Serbia in 1956. She was a homemaker while her husband worked as a carpnter in a factory.

Marija moved back to Serbia after a year and a half to look after her ill mother. Though, the couple stayed in touch initially, she was unable to move back to Australia after her mother’s demise. The relationship started to fade away slowly and they got separated.

She was able to lead a life with $100 pension per month and a little bit of health from her neighbours. Amidst all this rumours started to come around that her husband was married and became rich, however, Marija didn’t buy the story.

Marija was informed that her husband was no more and when she tried to check out she got very little information about her husband and his second wife. All of a sudden, after few years she was told that she will be receiving an AUD 941,512.58 as inheritance from her deceased husband.

But, she surprised all by giving away all the money to people in her community who were by her side through tough times. When asked about this gesture, she said:

“I don’t need money. It’s enough for me to have bread, water and wood so I can keep warm in winter. Where I am going soon, I don’t need money, so I gave it away. They need it more.”

What do you think about this gesture?