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HIA Likely To Increase The Number Of e-Gates.


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In order to satisfy the growing demand, HIA (Hamad International Airport) is planning to increase the number of e-gates by two folds. The airport passports department mentioned that around 865,000 passengers used the e-gates in the first year and the number is expected to shoot up to 3.5mn by the year end.

The e-gates services is attracting passengers because of its ease of use and the short duration it takes to complete the formalities which does not exceed 10 seconds. The airport currently has 21 e-gates in departure section and 20 in arrival section, the number of gates on either section might reach 40.

Colonel Mohamed Rashid al-Mazrouei, director of the Airport Passports Department, said that the e-gate service for citizens and residents is free of charge, making it “one of the most important stages of development in terms of the services provided by the MoI at the Airport to save the time and effort of passengers and help them avoid long queues while waiting in front of airport immigration counters”.

The airport passports department has set up counters near the e-gates to assist passengers who are not familiar with e-gates. A passenger can approach a gate and then provide the travel document, whether the ID card or passport. The e-gate will give instructions to the passenger in accordance with the language of the submitted ID or passport to facilitate the procedures.

The first gate will be opened as the travel document is placed on the e-gate, through which the passenger can pass. Then the passenger have to place the fingerprint or have an iris scan for verification after which the last gate will be opened.

An office is opened beside e-gates to activate and add the e-gate service by using the ID cards of residents and their children aged above 18 and there is no need for any prior registration or payment of fees.

International Civil Aviation Organisation has appreciated the model and suggested that it can be implemented in other countries too. Meanwhile, the officials asked more people to use the system and get the benefit from it.