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Newborn Baby Pictured Holding Implant Supposed To Stop Mum Getting Pregnant



This is a contraceptive device that the NHS call 99.9 per cent effective in preventing pregnancies. A IUS coil meant to stop women from getting pregnant. This method has a 0.1 % chance of not working and this little guy is the flagbearer for that 0.1%.

The Mirena coil in inserted into the womb and releases a progestogen hormone which thickens the mucus from your cervix, making it difficult for sperm to move through and reach an egg, reports the Metro.

This baby’s dad clearly had some super swimmers in his team as one of them braved all the obstacle the contraceptive put up and resulted in a little baby boy named Dexter.

And what an entry he made into the world! Holding his mother’s IUS coil in his hands.

Dexter’s mother Lucy Hellein, from Texas, discovered she was pregnant in December despite being fitted with the implant four months ago.

Last week, weighing in at 9lbs 1oz, Dexter was via C-section. The bizarre birth led Lucy to post to Facebook with the caption ‘Mirena fail’.

As you can probably imagine the post has since been shared over 70,000 times.

Although Dexter was unplanned, his mother told the Metro  she is happy he is here!

She explained:

“Dexter was definitely meant to be. His original due date was May 4 and even the doctor said “the force was strong with this one “

Although he wasn‘t planned, my family and I feel incredibly blessed.”

Sometimes if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. Good luck in life you little trooper!