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Luxury Mall Al Hazm Open To Customers To Show A Glimpse Of It.


Luxury Mall Al Hazm which created a lot of hype is now partially opened to people from 5pm to 12 am. It is considered as the next big destination for Qatar’s elite which is designed based on a shopping arcade in Italy with a lot of classical European grandeur.

Al Emady Enterprise, the project developer purchased the original Tuscan marble from Italy, stones from Palestine, mosaic from Greece and special artisans from a remote village in Rajasthan in India. The estimated project cost stands at QR3bn.

The Thassos marble used for the outdoor floor reflects the sunlight which keeps the temperature in control throughout the day, these were brought in from Greece and the same kind of marble was used in Mecca.

Around 26 architects are working on the interior design of the restaurants which will also have many high end retail shops. In order to bring down the temperatures, an outdoor cooling systems are also installed.

Al Emady said in an interview:  “We are optimistic in the future of this region. We also want to show that as Arabs and Khaleeji nationals, we can deliver something of this quality to the world.”