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Jealous Girl Asks BF to Take Photos in Toilet as Proof He’s at Home, Earns Mixed Reactions from Netizens


Sometimes a little jealousy is good for a relationship. But the extent to which this girl went to is possibly too far for us to digest. This girl who forced her boyfriend to take photos of himself in the toilet just to prove that he’s alone at home!

The boyfriend, Cladgedon Argawanon posted screenshots of this jealous conversation with his girlfriend who had asked him to take photos while he was in the toilet.

All this started when Cladgedon took a little too long to reply back to her texts. The jealous girl, whose number he has saved as “GF kong PALABAN” on his phone, got mad and asked where he was.

The loyal boyfriend that he was, he answered as honestly as he could and told her he was in the loo.

Not believing him she told him to take a photo of himself just to prove that he’s really there! But when he did that, she still wasn’t contented with his photo.

Seriously girl, you’ll make him runaway!

Amid the ‘controversy’, Cladgedon Argawanon clarified that while his girlfriend sounds really demanding, these are but jokes to them both.

He wrote on Facebook:

Para sa mga nambabash about sa relationship namin ng GF ko kung paano kami umasta sa isa’t isa.

Let me tell you this. Based on our perspective, words are just words. Sa hangin lang yan napupunta. Para samin kasi mas mahalaga ang kinikilos kumpara sa sinasabi. Mas prefer pa namin na maramdaman ang “LOVE” not by words but by action.

And regarding with our filthy mouth.. Naging magbestfriend muna kami ni Mitch before maging kami and we already acted like that. Ganyan naman talaga di ba sa magbabarkada? Parang mga kalog kung umasta. Walang pakealam sa mga sasabihin basta mag enjoy lang sila.

And yes, we chose to keep our friendship in the middle of our relationship kaya ganito kami umasta sa isat isat.. cause we believe that friendship will last forever. Yung iba nga dyan talo pa ang asukal kung maging sweet sa kanilang minamahal pero may tinatago palang katarantaduhan.

This is our relationship. We have our own story and you have yours. Thus, mind your own business. We enjoy being together and hindi ako nagsisi na naging kami.

I am more than blessed to have her in my life. And words cannot express how much I’m happy. Wag po tayo agad tayo magjudge kasi you dont even know us.

Thanks for your understanding and kung may sasabihin man kayo regarding with your opinion.. just keep it nalang with yourself because we really don’t need criticism. We only need each other. God bless