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Women put this in their vaginas to protect themselves from rapists. For the perpetrator it’s the ultimate torture


It is unfortunate to see so many sexual assaults throughout the world which leave women haunted for the rest of their life. A study shows that South Africa has the highest rate of sexual assault in the world with an average of 52,000 assaults reported every year.

So it is fittingly perfect that an innovation has come from the very place where it is needed most. Sonette Ehlers who lives in South Africa works with rape victims knew that something serious should be done in order to stop this cruel act against women.

She came up with a special kind of condom for women called ‘femidom’, she calls it the “Rape Axe”. It is filled with sharp plastic hooks inside that penetrate into the penis when it enters into vagina. It guarantees to stop the crime as the culprit would suffer from pain.

The hooks can only be removed by a surgery, it can also protect women from pregnancy and STDs. Women can wear it with ease for 24 hours just like tampon and tests show that it is safe. It will still take some time to come out as the project is still in the development stages.