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A University College Of Law Refunds All The School Expenses Of These Topnotcher Students And Even Gives Them a Special Bonus! Well Deserved!


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To begin with, the Siliman University refunded all the school expenses of these Bar exams toppers and Alanna Gayle Khio from Siliman University who is the 2nd highest scorer in the recently concluded exams, will be receiving a brand new car and PHP 200,000.

The recent results are considered the best with the highest passing rates in the last 16 years, the pass percentage stood at 59.06%. Siliman University had three of its students in the top 10. The school’s alumni will be presenting the car and PHP 200,000 to Alanna.

The other two students Marie Chielo and Andrew Stephen Liu who secured 9th and 10th respectively will be receiving PHP 100,000 from the alumni association.

“This is the first time for alumni to contribute funds for the benefit of Bar passers,” Siliman University College of Law Dean Atty. Shiela Lynn Besario said.

“I was actually here in Dumaguete. I was in my room staring at my computer. Then a friend of mine who is working in a law firm in Manila called me. It seemed that they had early access to the list of those who got in the top 10. He told me that I placed 10th. Then I shouted and hugged my father and mother who were standing behind me.” Andrew Stephen Liu recalled when asked if he was one of the examinees who waited for the results outside the Supreme Court.

Interestingly, for the first time ever, no student from Metro Manila-based educational institution made it to the top 10.