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20-Year-Old Wants To Auction Off Her Virginity. The Reason Is Heartbreaking!


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Katherine Stone’s family was shattered when they lost their Washington state home in a fire in In 2014.

Sadly the family didn’t have any home insurance and, due to financial complications, were forced to keep living in the burned-up Seattle property.

Since the destruction of her home Stone, now 20, was probing online for ways to raise money so that she could help her parents buy a new home.

So when Stone came across an ad for legal brothels in Nevada and she got an idea:

Stone decided she would sell her virginity.

Stone’s first course of action was contacting Denis Hof, who owns and operates numerous legal brothels in the state of Nevada.

After some convincing, Hof agreed to help Stone out.

But it was not without the support of her family. Stone soon packed her bags and jetted off to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch where she currently resides.

During an interview with Stone she said:

“I was definitely scared throughout the whole thing. I was intimidated because I was brand new to the sex industry.”

Since putting her virginity up for sale, Stone has received countless offers from men.

In fact, bids are as high as $400,000

But she’s not going for the highest bidder instead she’s waiting to connect with one of them before she goes through with her plan.

Hof explained:

“She hasn’t found the right situation. She’s had guys that she’s liked that didn’t have enough money and she’s had guys that had enough but she didn’t like them.”

While Stone knows many people aren’t okay with her decisions, she’s embraced her choice and plans on following through, no matter what:

“The whole time I’ve been here, (the brothel) I’ve come to terms with what I’m doing. I’m definitely ready.”

Hof has reportedly agreed to not take a cent from the deal when it actually goes through.