Bored Lad

Her Booty Was The Reason Why Instagram Banned Her Account Twice!


She is down 2.5 million followers than she used to have. But the 373k followers that she does currently have are never disappointed. Just follow @iamtaisha and see for yourself! Thanks to Instagram that can’t handle her hot booty.

Her every upload is a stunner. From videos to pictures, I don’t think there is one person that could get tired of following her page. Even a blind man can see that her beauty is mind-blowing!

Its weird how Instagram has no problem with celebs taking nudes but when this woman posts her beautiful images they have a problem.

Her figure is perfect figure and looks incredibly fit! It’s a dream body for any woman.

And she look confident and proud. Way to encourage women to feel confident and sexy!

For now she seems to know the tricks to post images that don’t get reported or fail guidelines so thanks to her smart thinking.


People will go mad if this woman’s account is banned again! I meant that body will definitely be missed! There is no other like this!