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Nicki Minaj Says She’ll Pay Off Fans’ College Tuition If They Have Good Grades, And Here’s How People Reacted


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Celebs are often seen as cold hearted rich people who don’t want to spend a dime for others. Nope, not Nicki Minaj!

The rapper may seem brash and hostile but on Saturday she told her fans that she would pay international airfare for contest winners.

Then one fan asked if she would pay for his college tuition, and then it all started…

Nicki spent the night paying off her fan’s education-related fee. With the condition that she got verification of 4.0 GPAs and confirmation from their schools

She helped with everything from college tuition

To student loans

And even other education-related fees

She was on a roll!

Some had left school and wanted to rejoin

While others were current students

The money from her account kept getting lesser and lesser.

We love generous Nicki!

While she was done for the night, she said she’s do the same after a few months! Incredible woman!