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Shocking! Just Minutes Before NEET Exams, Girls In India (Kerala) Were Forced To Remove Clothes And Inner Garments



Rules are made for a purpose but when the purpose is valued more than one’s modesty then there’s certain something wrong with the system.

A shocking incident has been reported where girls were asked to remove their bras and long sleeved tops because the rules state that no metal items were allowed in the hall.
The candidates of National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) at TISK English Medium School at Kovvappuram which is near Kunhimangalam in Payyannur were humiliated by staff in the name of rules. These candidates were asked for taking out their top innerwear and changing the pair of jeans that they were wearing to follow the dress code set up by CBSE for the exam. The girls who were wearing dresses with metal hooks and buttons were asked to remove them, as taking any metallic item inside the hall was not allowed.

Renuka, whose daughter also appeared for the examination, said,

“It is shocking that my daughter had to undergo such an ordeal and remove her top innerwear to appear for the examination but there was no other option and she was forced to do so. I am a teacher and I know the psychology of the teenagers; this will definitely affect their confidence, and we are thinking of taking legal measures.”

Rajesh Nambiar, one of the parents, could not believe his daughter asked to remove her jeans just because they had metal buttons and pockets. He fumed that other students faced the same treatment as well!

“After the examination, I came to know that a Muslim family in the neighbourhood gave dress to at least six girls and some of them had to cut the sleeves of these dresses too as the rules did not permit full sleeve tops.”

Another girl, from Thrissur, said,
“I am a 19-year-old girl and such incidents shatter us beyond imagination. I don’t know how I appeared for the examination.”

Do you agree with the strictness followed regarding the rules or do you think the officials went too far?

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