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Those Spreading Rumours Or Fake Stories Will Be Prosecuted: Ministry


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Its better that you cross check your facts before you go and spread them on the internet because the consequences will be harsh says the Ministry of Interior (MoI). MoI has warned people against spreading rumours. With everyone having access to social media people find it easy to spread fake stories without verifying the source of the news. The result of this could be creating a biased opinion in others or can even instigate unrest within the people.

The  ministry suggests that it is always better to check the source of the news or else get in touch with authorities or news organization using their social media handles to confirm the information.

Recently a fake news about Qatar witnessing very high temperature was doing the rounds. But when verified the news was a fake forward and was circulating in the social media for some time now with wrong attributions.

Ministry has also tweeted this information:


“Rumour mongering and spreading stories from unknown sources will harm others and those involved will be held legally accountable,” MoI tweeted.

The problem is that many websites and social media accounts copy information without verifying the authenticity and even after realizing that the information is false, for traction never bother to mention that it’s fake to its readers.

This announcement comes after many such fake news have been rampant on social media causing unnecessary panic amongst the people.