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Video: A Pretty Woman Is Shocked That A Man Touched Her Butt. She Takes Out Her Camera And Confronts Him!


Anthea Marie was in i-Mall Canlubang in Calamba City Laguna with her Grandmother when she felt someone touch her butt. A man who allegedly drunk thought she wuld keep quite about it and n=behaved as if nothing happened.

After that incident they try to follow the man and fearlessly confronted him for what he did to her. She asked why he touched her butt because that’s very disrespectful. Anthea keep saying “bastos” to the man who they assumed drunk. The man defended himself saying he is not drunk and he just came from work. Anthea and her Grandma still confronting but he walked away probably owing the feeling embarrassed or guilty.

“PLEASE SHARE .. Ang lalaking manyakis na nanghawak ng pwet kanina sa IMALL Canlubang.. Ang kapal ng muka mo bastos ka! May araw ka din! Karma na bahala sayo kasi nakalusot ka maswerte ka sa sobrang bilis mo hindi kana nahabol ng security guards!

Here is the video of her bravery!