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You Will Never Find The Queen Without Her Handbag. Here’s Why


The Queen of England Elizabeth the II is a classy woman, she’s loved by all her people and her grace in public meetings and places are always revered. Along with her hat coat and gloves there’s another accessory that the Queen is always seen carrying. Its her handbag.

One would wonder, why does a Queen need a bag for when she has a whole entourage around her to do any of her biddings. There is an important reason and

Sally Bedell Smith, a royal biographer, reveals what it is.

She says that in her handbag the Queen always carries a mirror, a lipstick, a pen, several mints, and her reading glasses. On Sundays, she also takes a couple of neatly folded bills for church donations.

But most importantly Her Majesty uses this accessory as an indicator: with its help, she lets the staff know what she wants them to do with regard to her interaction with others or an event. You, however, wouldn’t even notice this gesture because everything is so subtle.

  • While talking to someone, if the Queen shifts her purse from one hand to the other, then the courtiers take it she is ready to finish this particular discussion.. For example, someone would approach you and say, “Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would be pleased to talk with you.”
  • When she wants the current event to be over within the next 5 minutes she puts her purse on the dinner table.
  • When she puts her purse on the floor, Her Majesty shows she finds no pleasure in the conversation she’s having and would like a lady-in-waiting to give her a hand.
  • The most dramatic gesture, though, is twisting her ring. That means the Queen needs to be “rescued” straightaway.

So if you ever get the chance to meet the queen you’ll know how to be a pleasant person and not put her through the whole “bag-gesture” thing to shoo you away.