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Disciplinary Action Against Smokers At Malls: CMC


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Stricter enforcement of ban on smoking at the gates of malls and commercial compounds through punitive action against smokers has been stipulated by THE Central Municipal Council (CMC) at its regular session on Tuesday.

The CMC has presented its recommendations to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in order to protect non-smoking population visiting the malls from its harmful effects.

Law No. 10 of 2016 including Article 12 which stipulates that smoking is banned in closed areas designated by the MoPH. Article 1 of the law defines ‘closed public areas’ as every public place that has a fixed or movable space fully or partially surrounded by walls, sides or ceilings were discussed by The Public Facilities and Services Committee and the Legal Committee of the CMC.

In the meantime, the Public Services and Facilities Committee at the CMC also called for stricter measures against owners and contractors of incomplete buildings to speed up construction to complete the buildings and barricade them properly to avoid an accident.
The recommendation also follows complaints against incomplete buildings in neighbourhoods that had been abandoned and were posing risks to the residents.