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Horrific! Evil dad and stepmom jailed for life for starving 7-year-old boy and feeding his body to pigs


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Horrifying! Evil Dad And Stepmom Starve 7-Year-Old Boy And Feed His Body To Pigs


Its news like this that make me feel sick in my stomach. How can people hurt children in beyond imagination!

A couple in Kansas City have been sentenced to life imprisonment over the unimaginable abuse and murder of a 7-year-old boy who was starved to death before his body was fed to pigs.

Michael Jones, 46, pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of his own son, Adrian Jones, whose body was found in a pigsty in November 2015.

The boy’s stepmother, Heather Jones, 31, was also given the same sentence despite pleading  that she felt helpless in protecting the boy.

Adrian Jones, the victim, was described by his grandmother as once a ‘happy child’.

Around nine months before his tragic death, he was subjected to horrifying abuses by Michael and Heather Jones until his body was found as a ‘bag of bones’. It is believed that he may have died a month or two before his corpse was discovered.

Court records and copies of CCTV footage in the property showed the couple would often starve the boy; refusing to give him food for days.

They would also tie him naked inside a modified shower stall so he could not get out. Then they made him stand in a freezing swimming pool overnight tied to an inversion table with the stagnant water up to his neck.

All throughout such abuses, Heather Jones was said to have ‘gleefully’ recorded everything on camera.

Photos recovered from their possession showed Adrian reduced to nothing but a flesh desperately clinging to a skeleton. He was so badly treated that his body was full of bruises and his legs were badly beaten that he can no longer bend them.

Heather was also captured on camera shooting the boy with a stun gun several times. She was also seen often hit him with the hard end of a broom.

Adrian’s biological mother, Judy Conway, lost custody of the boy and his two other siblings two years ago. The first time she saw the photos, Ms. Conway said, she literally threw up.

On Monday, the court in Kansas sentenced Michael Jones to life imprisonment for first-degree murder, eligible for parole only after 25 years. On the other hand, Heather Jones, also got life sentence and additional months for child abuse.