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Owners And Contractors Must Ensure Of Safety At Building Sites


Central Municipal Council (CMC) recommended at its bi-weekly regular session on Tuesday that building sites should be tightly monitored by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) to ensure compliance with the safety and security regulations, the.
Both the owners of such buildings and the contractors in charge should abide by safety measures such as installing a proper fence around the site, a display board with information about the project, and ensuring the compliance of the contractor with all the safety and security measures for the good of passersby and workers the council has stipulated.

Regular and sudden inspection campaigns should be conducted by the concerned entities to ensure that the buildings under construction are not used for any residential, storage or other purposes during the construction phase according to the council
It has also issued suggestions to solve grievances about drinking water supply to homes and the pipes used for this, in particular the effects of chlorine.
The CMC recommended that Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) should conduct a study to improve the standard specifications applicable for drinking water pipes and lines throughout the country to protect them against erosion.
Testing of drinking water from areas where complaints are made should be done regularly in laboratory. Also, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce should closely monitor the types of water pipes sold in the country, and Qatar General Organisation for Standards and Metrology should review the standards used for these pipes for more safety.
Also as entry and exit points are considered an integral part of shopping malls, the problem of smoking at the entrance and exit of shopping malls, has been addressed by council which has asked the Ministry of Public Health to spread awareness on the dangers posed to the health of people. Besides, a ministerial decision should designate such areas as no-smoking zones.

Land for a playground for residents of Constituency 22 must also be allocated the MME, which covers Rawdat Rashed and other places as directed by the council.