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Heartbroken 102-year-old mother dies hours after being told only son had died


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Maysie Strang is the unfortunate lady who passed away after hearing the death news of her only son due to Cancer. Her son Sandy Strang was 65-year-old. The pain of her son’s death was too much to handle for Maysie and eventually passed away.

She taught at Glasgow’s Hutcheson’s Grammar School for 3 decades. Last year she celebrated her 102nd birthday at Glenlivit care home in Newton Mearns and told the world that she still smoked cigarettes and consumed alcohol.

She was born on October 5 1914, in Pollokshaws and she initially worked as an editor’s secretary at the Daily Express in Glasgow’s Albion Street before moving to Mellick’s legal firm in the city centre. She then worked in Southern General hospital until she was in her 70’s.

She started to smoke during her teens and was able to give up only once, when she was in hospital. But she began to smoke right away after her hospital stint.

Sandy said at the time: ‘It’s absurd thinking that some people who smoke for a while get all these health problems. It is the ultimate paradox.’