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This Abusive Man Mercilessly Beats His Innocent Wife, What Happened Next Was A Dose Of Karma For Him!


Abusive Man Thrashes His Innocent Wife On The Street, Moments Later Karma Is Served To Him In The Best Way Possible!

Recently a video has gone viral on social media where a man beats his wife mercilessly in full public view. He thought he was too much of a man for anyone to stop him from hurting and humiliating his wife. He was never more wrong.

The brutality happened in East ShanghaiChina and a neighbor filmed the incident. The wife was helpless and could not stand up as hey kicked her head which left her falling to the ground. What happened next was something the husband did not expect.

Woman is Covering Her Face In Fear Of Domestic Violence as her partner threatens her with his fist

Then a man came to stop him to whom he tried to shoo away but then a mob of people ran and attacked him throwing punches and kicks out of nowhere and began to attack the wife beater. He had to cower behind a vehicle like a little rat to save himself. Justice was served. But he probably deserved more.