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Child Drowns in a Crowded Pool as Others Simply Passed by Him until a Woman Checked Him Out


Child Drowns In A Crowded Pool While Others Swim By The Boy’s Body!

Children enjoy swimming in a pool, and parents prefer pools over the beach thinking it is safer. So when they take their children to these public adventure places it might be fun but when there’s so many people unfortunate things are bound to happen.

A shocking video has emerged where someone is recording a boy floating motionlessly in the public pool. The child seemed to give a few kicks before turning over, and was moving his arms for a while, making the people around him believe that he wasn’t drowning. Finally a woman senses something was out of line and goes to rescue the boy.

The woman raised the boy up while swimming him to the edge of the pool. The boy could still hold his head up, and it seemed that he was still okay.

But in the second video, a man can be seen trying to resuscitate the boy.

We are still unsure of the boys health as nothing else has been revealed.